Our Impact

We cannot say thank you enough to our philanthropic partners who allow us to meet our mission. Our generous supporters – including individuals, families, organizations, Board members, and our local McDonald’s owner/operators – provide essential funding so that RMHC SWFL can invest in our programs to impact the children and families we serve.

Due to the pandemic, many of our programs were temporarily halted. However, that didn’t stop us from helping families and children in need.

Take a look at our 2021 impact:

  • 914 —Number of family night stays provided by the Ronald McDonald House® of Southwest Florida
  • 267 —Meals provided to families at the Ronald McDonald House
  • 532 —Number of patient family visits to the Ronald McDonald Family Room for snacks, beverages, laundry services, rest, and relaxation.
  • 5,780 —Number of children served by the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® program in Southwest Florida.

By the Numbers

  • 195 —Incredible volunteers that donated their time to help our families in many ways
  • 19 Days —Average length of stay at the Ronald McDonald House
  • $100 —Cost per night for one family to stay at the House.
  • $10 — The amount families are asked to contribute for each night they stay.
  • 48% — Families that are unable to contribute the $10, but are still able to stay thanks to your generosity!
  • 0 — The amount of families who are turned away due to inability to pay. We encourage guests to make a donation of $10 per night, or whatever amount they are able to donate, to continue House operations for future guests. A donation is not required. No eligible family is ever asked to leave the House and no eligible family is ever denied future stays at the House because they could not or did not make a donation.

Download our Information + Impact Packet today to learn more about how we help local families and children!