Our Relationship with McDonald’s


Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC) is McDonald’s “charity of choice.” Portions of the annual operating costs for our house are graciously donated by our local McDonald’s owner/operators.

They have been generous enough to help us through canister collections, in-restaurant promotions, Round-Up for RMHC, and store fundraisers. The remainder of our operating income comes through the philanthropy of individual and corporate donors in our community.

Round-Up for RMHC 

When you visit a local McDonald’s restaurant next time, ask to Round-Up for RMHC at McDonald’s front counter or drive-through. Your donation directly contributes to supporting families with ill and injured children. 

Modern technology allows customers to choose Round-Up for RMHC all year-round. Regardless of what payment method they prefer, the Round-Up option is viable for our increasingly cashless society.

Whether you place your order on the kiosk or with a crew member at the McDonald’s front counter or drive-through, simply select the “Round-Up for RMHC” button at checkout or let the cashier at the front counter know that you would like to Round-up the purchase. Your one kind act can contribute a lot to RMHC initiatives.