Love Letters from our Families

The Ronald McDonald House is not just a place to stay, but a place to heal. These are Love Letters we have received from RMHC SWFL guest families.

“The Ronald McDonald House took care of us in such a great way when we came to Fort Myers to adopt our daughter and during her time in the NICU. We can’t sing the praises enough of this House and staff! We just want to say, ‘thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts.” Andy and Karen Isabell

“My kids were able to eat and read in the morning. I was able to create a routine while going to the hospital. The other twin was in Miami. We struggled. But RMCH was our rock. I can never forget. And I remind my kids all the time of their home away from home. Thank you for all that you do.” -Ruth Morency

“We are very grateful to God and the house of Ronald McDonald for allowing us the privilege and blessing of being united, my husband, my son and I and at the same time so close to the Hospital where our baby is, which makes things much easier. It is a beautiful place, full of love, generosity, kindness, and we really feel accompanied by a large family that has been the staff members of the house for all this time. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you very much, may God continue to bless you more and more.” -Angie Camacho

“Thank you, Ronald McDonald House Team, for going above and beyond making us feel home away from home since the day we walked through your doors.  You all made us always feel welcome.  We are amazed at all that you do for families in need like ours, you all have touched our heart, without you it would have been difficult to be able to attend our daughter’s intensive therapy program.  Thank you for all that you do!” -The Juarez Family

“What started as a fun family beach vacation quickly turned into a scary situation when Asher started struggling to breathe.  He ended up at Golisano for 2.5 weeks with severe pneumonia.  We are so grateful to have been able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  It was a beautiful, comfortable place to stay while we cared for our son 1,000 miles from home.” -The Williams Family (Jacob, Caitlin and Asher)

“We stayed at RMHC when my baby daughter had surgery and it was absolutely so important to us. We were able to switch taking care of her and getting sleep since she wouldn’t go into her bed at all in the hospital- she would only be in our arms. Three solid days and nights in mommy’s arms or daddy’s arms and if we hadn’t had the option to rotate and sleep, we wouldn’t have been able to do that. RMHC is where I went to get us meals, shower, and have a meltdown when I was freaking out that my little girl couldn’t swallow and was in pain. So, these kids made a difference! They probably didn’t realize how much of a difference they were making at the time!” -Alyssa Adamson

“It was such a huge blessing for Steven and me to be so close to the hospital.” -Makayla & Steven

“When we were in a dry and weary place “the house” was an oasis for us. At first we saw it as a place to rest and clean up, but we soon learned that it was a place where love lives. The words of encouragement from staff and residents many times provided us with the strength and courage to keep moving forward. “– Billy, Harmony and Cooper Griffin (LaBelle, FL)

“It meant so much to us to be close to baby Samuel and have our little family together here!”-Lynette, Adeline and Samuel Beidler (Arcadia, FL)

“I feel so lucky to be part of such an amazing organization.” – Kara, Geoff and Lucas Schiller

“Le damos gracias a dios y la familia de Ronald McDonald House por el apoyo que nos brindaron durante este tiempo que tuvimos compartiendo con ustedes” – Roberto, Ruth, and Maria Tomas

“We wouldn’t have been able to get back and forth to our daughter Kylie with ease and level heads. The whole experience of having a child and her staying in the NICU was rough. Luckily, we had you guys.” – The Yonkas

“Years ago, Uncle Jay and Aunt Barb Gerloch had a little girl, Missy and we played with her growing up. At 8 or 9 she became very ill with leukemia, so they spent a lot of time at Ronald McDonald House. Along the way there was a fundraiser that involved bowling balls and Missy got one. Unfortunately, Missy would go to heaven to take a very important job for God. Uncle Jay and Aunt Barb were heartbroken when Missy passed. The bowling ball was placed on their mantel on a bright yellow Peter Pan peanut butter lid. Years ago, when they had gone to join Missy in heaven, the ball was given to our family to care for and honor appropriately. For many years we struggled to find the perfect place for this ball where its significance would be appreciated. In recognition of all the amazing things you do in support of children, and the Ronald McDonald House The Gerloch and Calvin family are so pleased to make this gift to you. We know that you will out it in a place of honor!” – Linda Morrow

“In 1982 my son had an accident and was in the hospital for six weeks. We were able to live at the Ronald McDonald House. Thanks to RMHC for the help. My son Richard is now a physician.” – Nancy Logear

“A year ago this December, my daughter developed back pain that quickly turned debilitating. We searched for a cause, and none could be found, so, in March 2023, she was diagnosed with Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome. There are no effective medications. They can only recommend physical therapy and counseling, but those are slow to take effect, and the pain comes back quickly if the child can achieve remission at all.

After research and mom-sourcing, I found Scrambler Therapy, with the top doctor in it being in Bonita Springs, FL. I knew immediately this was our only choice for letting my child live with less pain. This is a treatment not covered by insurance, and it costs thousands of dollars, not to mention the travel from our home in southwest Louisiana (and care for our pets back home). We raised enough money through fundraising to cover treatment and the gas money, but I didn’t know how to cover the remaining funds needed for accommodations and food.

Dr D’Amato’s office sent our referral to you all, and on Halloween morning, I heard the most beautiful words from Karen – you are accepted. We had a room at the RMH! We arrived in November for our 2-week stay. Karen and Marvin made us feel at home immediately. We met Illeny the following day, and she showed us more of the ins and outs.

From the volunteers to the staff, everyone welcomed us and provided wonderful encouragement and love. We met another family staying, with a child undergoing the same treatment for a similar condition, and it was a God send. We were meant to be there with that family, meant to develop a lifelong friendship. The girls became fast friends, and the moms were able to bond every night. The staff allowed our girls to bake crazy things in the kitchen (we cleaned up – promise!) and let us take over the living room with puzzles and giggles. It was therapeutic in a way I can’t describe for all of us.

We have now been home for several weeks. The other family and my family remain in daily contact, and plan on visiting one another (they live in another state) soon.

My daughter came home in almost complete remission from her pain, which was remarkable. I have cried on more than one occasion, watching her do things she hasn’t been able to do – this includes giving her hugs. We can now hug our child, and you all are a part of that. There are no words to thank each of you – from the volunteers who cooked, cleaned, or rolled towels to the staff who greeted us every day. Don’t stop being who you are and doing what you do! You make a difference!

(I now recommend RMH to any families looking at Scrambler Therapy in Bonita Springs, and we seek to donate to RMH for all the help they gave us.) Thank you so much!” -Christi Jeffels

If you’ve used a Ronald McDonald House Charities program before, please click here to share your story with us. Thank you!